Chris Chastain for Congress
Democrat 4th district of South Carolina

About Chris


Chris was born into a middle class family in 1969. He graduated from Walhalla High School in 1987. Began working for Duke Power at the Bad Creek pumped storage project in 1989. In 1990 he began with Mike Roach Irrigation installing golf course irrigation until 1992. In 1993 he started his own irrigation company that prospered until 2007 when he was offered a position with DZ Atlantic in the nuclear industry. He is a certified high voltage electrician. Chris decided to run for congress due to his own experience attempting to contact his senators and representatives without success. He believes elected officials should be in constant contact with their constituents to better understand the isssues they face. 

The Platform


Fight for measures to ensure the wealthiest Americans do not pay a lower tax rate than hardworking middle-class families. Close tax loopholes that let Wall Street money managers pay lower rates than some middle-class families. Simplify and cut taxes for small businesses so they can hire and grow. 

Gun violence

•Expand background checks

•Fight the gun lobby including not    

  Accepting contributions 

•Keep guns out of the hands of

 domestic abusers, violent criminals 

  and the severely mentally ill


•Defend and expand the ACA

•Fight to lower copays and deductibles

•Reduce the cost of prescription drugs

•Encourage states with incentives to 

  expand Medicaid 

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